Our Traveling Custom Tailoring Service!

You need custom tailoring to get that perfect suit.


Finding a suit that fits just right is impossible when you are shopping in generic stores. You’ll have adjustments made, try different fabrics, or look for the perfect color scheme. Hemming and alterations alone take more time than a custom suit fitting. Unfortunately, you just will never find that right fit without a custom tailor. 


Luckily, since 1997, Michael Sahi has been traveling the states providing one-of-a-kind, top-of-the-line tailoring services. In a city near you, Michael has been giving clients the exact suit they’ve always wanted, bringing the service all over the United States. We treat every adjustment with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring every feature is optimized to create a cohesive look.

What Makes Our Custom Tailored Suits Unique?


We are able to create perfect unity between quality fabrics, fit, aesthetic value, and cohesion. Combining all these creates a look that not only stands out, but puts you in an echelon above. Additionally, we are able to bring this service to you locally, with in-person fitting and measurements. 


Controlling Your Suit Style


Your suit style will never be exactly right with run-of-the-mill jackets, shirts, and pants at local shops. With all of the benefits of a custom tailor, you are able to make that exact suit you’ve always wanted. Alter it to fit the exact vision you’ve always had in your head, and work within the budget that you have set aside for the suit. To get started, we have a quick and simple appointment scheduling process.

What Clothes Do I Need to Bring to My Appointment?


Ideally, bring a suit that you love. Your pride and joy suit. If that isn’t available to you, a favorite shirt or photograph of your ideal suit would be helpful as well. This is majorly important to determining fit. Without either of these, you’ll need to be familiar with what kind of fit you like best on professional clothes. 

How Do I Make My Custom Tailoring Appointment?


To make an appointment, send over an email today and get acquainted with our travel itinerary through the United States on our website. We’ll get in touch with you and begin preparing our finest fabrics for your beautiful new custom suit. Once fitting and adjustments are complete where Michael is staying, we’ll have your brand new custom suit delivered to you within 6-8 weeks. We’re really looking forward to seeing you soon!

REMINDER: Have half of your deposit ready for the meeting, and be prepared for a fantastic discussion on the latest fashion trends with Michael himself!


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