Dressing for Success: A Comprehensive Guide !

Some men make it look so easy, don’t they?
They seem to have a natural sense of what looks good on them and what doesn’t. But for you, the learning curve seems ever so steep.
You want to look your best, but you feel clueless about fashion and style, and nothing you try seems to fall together right.
Well, it’s not all your fault.

You were taught how to dress yourself when you were young, but I bet you were never taught how to dress well. Nobody ever taught you what makes an outfit work and what doesn’t.
Today you’ll discover a few tips that will clear some things up for you and eventually you’ll be one of those men who make it look easy.
Here’s a secret, one item that fits is worth ten that don’t. Clothes that fit properly are nearly impossible to find off the rack — especially shirts and jackets. Yet the fit of your clothes largely determines whether they make you look sharp or sloppy. It is better to have a few shirts that make you look sharp rather than dozens that make you look sloppy. Having your clothes tailored as needed is a better investment than just buying more and more clothes.
Just try it and you’ll see what a difference it makes.

Tip #1: Have at Least One Good Suit in the Closet
No matter what your job is, you’re going to need a decent suit at some point. If you’re in a field where you’re going to wear one regularly you should look for a variety of colors and styles; if you just need a single suit for infrequent dress occasions stick with a classic single-breasted, two-button suit in charcoal gray or navy blue.
Spend the time and money to ensure that your suit fits properly. It’s worth the effort — sized suits are made to general measurements, and not all of them are going to be a perfect fit for you. A good tailor can make the small changes that take your suit from looking mediocre to perfect for you. The hem of the pant should break at the top of the shoes and the jacket sleeve should end at the joint of the wrist and hand. The shirt cuff should extend a quarter- to a half-inch below the jacket sleeve.

Tip #2: Build from White and Blue Shirts
Buying a well fitted dress shirt requires neck and arm length measurements that can’t usually be summed up by small, medium, and large. The neck fit should abide by the one finger rule: you should be able to fit one finger in between the collar and your neck. This allows you to retain sharpness while maintaining comfort. Find a shirt that fits close to your torso to create a sleek line. White and light blue cotton dress shirts are the backbone to a sharp wardrobe. A well-ironed, all cotton, white or light blue shirt with a point or buttoned-down collar is the best choice to wear with your suit. The shirt should be a solid color. If possible, spend a few extra dollars to get the shirt professionally ironed at the dry cleaners.

Tip #3: Dress Your Footwear Up
Classic footwear is just as important as classic clothing. A traditional school of thought that’s still alive and well claims you can judge a man by his shoes. If you’ve never owned really good shoes before, brace yourself and get ready to pay a significant amount of money for well-made, classic footwear. Shoes should be leather, black and polished in a simple style. Socks should match your pants or shoes and be long enough to cover your shins. Never wear white socks with your suit!

Tip 4: Don’t Forget the Details, Collars and Lapels
The finer details must not be neglected when choosing a suit. The specs of your suit is just as important as the color, material and fit. The lapel tends to be the focal point of a suit jacket. The common lapel for everyday office wear is the standard notch lapel. The notch lapel comes in various widths. A lapel that is on the slimmer side is the most current fashion and will give you a more modern look. Different collar styles can also be used to complement your features. The straight collar is a classic standby works for any man, in any suit and with any necktie knot. You can’t go wrong with this time-tested fail-safe.

Tip #5: Accessorize Carefully
A suit can be made minimal or elaborate by choosing the appropriate accessories. Accessories will complete and personalize your outfit. If you want to add to some louder pieces to your suit without the risk of looking overdone, we recommend going bolder with one or two elements. The tie bar is a classic way to keep your tie out of your way and also create a put together look. Knowing how to pair a tie with your suit is key to centering your outfit. The necktie gives a long vertical line down your torso, creating a slimming effect, a silk tie with a simple stripe or repeating pattern works well.

Dressing well is easier than you think.
The man might make the clothes, but a perfectly tailored suit will leave you looking you best with skyrocketing confidence. And when you want a high quality suit that can last a lifetime, whether you’re shopping for the first perfectly tailor made suit or simply the latest addition to your wardrobe, visiting the right suit tailor is an addicting experience.
Focus on the basics. And before you know it, you’ll be putting awesome outfits together with barely any thought.
You’ll be the one that seems to have a natural sense of style.
You’ll be the one other men look at and think, “How does he do it?”
You’ll be the one that makes it look so easy.


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