A Customized Approach that is a Commitment to Excellence

“The single most important factor to being well dressed is a good tailor.”

Michael Sahi states this matter of factly, while taking a client’s measurements from head to toe. “You can wear a designer suit that costs thousands, but if it doesn’t fit you properly you’d might as well wear it to wash your car”. Mr. Sahi, has recently celebrated his 20th anniversary in business, debates the merits of custom clothing over brand name threads – and the benefits are eye opening…

Fit: “A hand made suit will provide a perfect fit, because it is made for you alone. Our personal guarantee is a 100% fit. If you’re not happy, we re-do it until it fits you exactly right.”

Convenience: “The last thing a busy man wants to do is drive all over town trying on suits in an effort to find one that is comfortable and fits well enough. Focus on your job and let us do ours. The time savings are extraordinary as once your measurements are on file, your next order is a phone call away.”

Service: “You can walk into a department store and be completely ignored. Upon entering our showroom, you are approached by a seasoned wardrobe consultant and offered one on one attention from the get go. You will not find a level of personalized service equal to what we offer. Clothing is very personal and a good tailor will cultivate his knowledge of a client’s work environment, taste, and lifestyle in order to totally understand their unique requirements.

Pricing: We can help you look and feel your best – without breaking the bank. Out of the extraordinary array of fabrics available in the world, we hand pick a few thousand of the very best quality threads and linings for you to select from. We offer all of the same fine fabrics as the world’s top designers. You have complete control over every aspect of the styling of your clothes, individualized attention from us to every detail ensuring a perfect result, and the prices are still 25 to 50 % lower than department store brand names.”

Style: “Whether we like it or not, we are judged by appearance first. A well dressed man will always be treated differently. In a business meeting one can come off as more credible just by being the sharpest dressed in the room. With custom clothing you are only limited by your imagination. From conservative with flair to completely outrageous, we can give you any result your heart desires. How you present yourself to the world is your choice alone. Our job is to make you stand out from the crowd and look and feel your absolute best.”

Our Process

Summer, sports, formal, single or double breasted… the variety of jacket styles is immense, but our master cutters are experts in helping you determine exactly what cut is perfect for you. Trousers, vest, shirts are also procurable in numerous tailored cuts, and we have numerous samples and catalogs from which you may choose the look that’s right for you.

Perhaps you know exactly the style you want. The benefit of custom clothing is that you get the style you want with a fit that is precisely fashioned to your own personal form.

If the client is unsure of his particular demand, our tailors can usually figure it out in a matter of minutes. We premise all of our custom orders on the specific, unique needs of each customer, and the initial consultation provides the ideal foundation on which to build the perfect look.

Solids of every stripe, pinstripes of every shade, plain to plaid, the variety of patterns available for your custom design is vast, as is the diversity of textures and weaves. Michael Sahi’s knowledge of the world’s fabrics is a vital aspect of our custom service.

We travel the globe, constantly in search of the finest materials, and we maintain a concise cache of exquisite fabrics to offer our clients.

From classic shades of gray to scintillating summer hues, Michael Sahi keeps a multifarious assortment of fabric and pattern swatches to assist in the selection of the perfect cloth.

The bespoke garment is principally about a flawless fit. A suit in which you feel as comfortable as if it were your own skin. A shirt that conforms naturally to your every motion. A successful attire is based on a precise evaluation of the client’s unique proportions.

The principle measurements include:

  • Coat Length
  • Vest Length
  • Back Width
  • Trouser Outside Seam
  • Sleeve Inseam
  • Trouser Inside Seam
  • Breast Measure Trouser
  • Waist Measure
  • Overarm Measurement
  • Seat Measure
  • Vest Opening
  • Bottom and Knee Measure

Regardless of one’s unique physical characteristics, there’s always a perfect fit. It’s simply a matter of good measure.

A 100% fit is guaranteed or we will re-do it until a perfect fit is achieved. Now that your measurements are on file, a second order is only a phone call away.

Though we make regular appearances across the country, should you elect to make an order prior to our next visit, we will ship you fabric samples to choose from based on your taste and specifications.

Our wardrobe consultants are always available to assist you with any questions you may have pertaining to the unlimited options that are available as you take steps to build your dream wardrobe, as well as the various looks you can achieve with the clothing we have already made for you and how those articles may be coordinated in different fashions so that you may achieve different looks for all occasions.


See what our satisfied customers have to say.

Whirlington Anderson

I like to think Michael the suit maker for all the hard work and dedication in making me and my co workers happy every time we order from him . I’ve been a loyal customer for 14 great years. This has been a great experience, that’s made easy every time. The best is yet to come in 2019. Thank you for all you do.

Maxwell Stanford

Michael is simply the best! Myself and my family purchase all of our suits, shirts and slacks from Michael. He makes the entire process of purchasing clothes easy and enjoyable from start to finish. I can’t recommend Michael “The Suit Maker” Sahi enough!

Bishop S.O. Bulloch, Jr.

I’ve been blessed to know Michael for over 23 years and have been buying suits, shirts, coats, ties, preaching suits, and robes. He is the number one tailor. He even made some clothes for my wife. I recommend Michael Sahi highly. He has the best quality of suits all around. Whatever you need, suits or trousers, Michael is the man and best if all he’s my friend.

Ike Mack

I bought my first suit from Michael back in 1997. Since that first suit, I can confidently say I’ve been one of his most consistent patrons – and I have the wardrobe to prove it! There are a lot of reasons I keep coming back, but the most important is the level of service I’ve enjoyed all these years. At this point, Michael knows my taste in clothes better than I do, and his personal attention and expertise have always ensured quality results. Here’s looking forward to another ten years!


Stuart Patterson

I do a lot of business in South American, and frequently travel to Brazil and Argentina. My dress code down there is usually casual, but I was invited last January to an awards ceremony in Sao Paulo and had nothing appropriate to wear, as it was the middle of a heart wave down there.

I tried to find a summer suit in LA, and it was impossible. Michael to the rescue. I didn’t come back with an award, but I can confidently say I was the best dressed guy at the entire event.

Colorola Studios

Los Angeles, CA

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