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Suit & Shirt Packages

The Highest Standards, Tailored to your Budget.

  • Over 6000 fabrics.
  • Designer four, six, or eight button suits.
  • One, two, or three button single breasted suits.
  • Four, six, or eight button double breasted suits.  
  • Corporate casual wear.
  • Preferred collar and cuffs, hand-sewn buttons, detailed piping and/or pleats, pocket or cuff monograms at no extra cost
Royal Suit Collection
2 suits, 4 shirts, 2 ties
Majestic Suit Collection
3 Suits, 3 Shirts, 3 Ties
Supreme Suit Collection
4 Suits, 8 Shirts, 8 Ties
Silver Shirt Suite
10 Shirts-Pinpoint / 100% 2×2 Ply Cotton
Golden Shirt Suite
10 Shirts- Egyptian Cotton
Platinum Shirt Suite
10 Shirts-Sea Island Cotton

*Shipping and Duty Extra

Sahi Formal Collection

Bespoke Luxury with an Accent on Value.

Be Prepared for black tie affairs, award dinners and family weddings.

Our collection of custom Tuxedos offers a variety of contemporary and traditional styles that best complement your personal motif.

Classic Ensemble
1 Tuxedo Suit , 1 Tuxedo Shirt
Opulent Ensemble
1 Tuxedo Suit, 1 Tuxedo Shirt
Super 130’s high quality fabric
Bespoke Elegance
1 Tuxedo Suit, 1 Tuxedo Vest, 1 Tuxedo Shirt and a bowtie
Super 150’s wool/cashmere blend
Monte-Carlo Nights
1 Tuxedo Suit, 1 Tuxedo Shirt
1 Tuxedo vest , 1 Tie, 1 Bowtie
Super 180’s high quality fabric

* Shipping and Duty Extra

Women's Wear

Precise Cut, Exemplary Styles, Finest Fabrics.

Create a professional look from classic to contemporary – no matter how you define your style – We provide the preeminent attire that comes with detail-oriented, made to measure components.

And here are some outstanding ways to trim the costs while maintaining the highest style standards

Suit Savy
1 skirt suit or pant suit, 1 jacket of any length, and 1 skirt or pair of slacks
Corporate Chic
1 skirt suit or pant suit and 2 blouses
Casually Elegant
1 jacket of any length , 1 skirt , and 1 pair of slacks
Top Management
3 cotton shirts and 3 Silk blouses
Silk and Cotton Scarves
Alluring collection of patterns and colors

* Shipping and Duty Extra

Wardrobe Collection

Build a Sound Wardrobe at Minimal Cost.

We’ve made it easy for you to acquire a new, distinctive wardrobe that conforms to our highest standards of style, quality and workmanship.

A perfect fit for your finances, a signature suit or shirt from Michael Sahi is a secure investment, with a high rate of style in return.

Michael’s Best Basics
4 Suits, 4 Shirts, 4 ties
Career Essentials
3 Suit, 3 Shirts , 3 ties
Contemporary Casual
1 sports jacket, 2 slacks, and 4 Shirts
Corporate Profile
2 slacks, 5 Shirts
Shirt and Tie Package
6 Shirts, 3 ties

* Shipping and Duty Extra

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