Gift Cards

The advantage of any gift card is that it’s recipient has the option to get *exactly* what they want. Our gift card program takes this concept to the next level.

Your giftee can literally build a garment from scratch. From the color and pattern of the fabric, to the style and cut, and culminating in a personalized monogram and fit, the lady or gentleman you’re gifting is guaranteed to get precisely what they want as a result of your generosity and the ultra-personalized services we offer.

The value of the gift card is strictly up to you. You can visit our main pricing section to view our special packages which will offer tremendous value to the gift card recipient.

So present someone special with a gift that will continue to benefit them for years to come. For every positive impression and compliment received, they’ll only have you to thank!

To place your gift card order, call our office toll free @ 877-SUITMAKER or email us from our contact us page and we’ll follow up with you promptly. To get a head start on the process, visit our payment page and charge the desired amount.

Michael Sahi Referral Program

Introduce someone stylish in your life to the ultimate luxury of a custom, hand made suit or shirt with a personally selected fabric and design that conveys their individuality to a “T”. It’s an invitation to bridge the gap between merely dressed… and dressed to kill.

When you refer a friend or associate, reciprocation will be discussed and extended to you based upon the extent of the orders placed.

You can bring referrals with you when you come to meet us for an appointment, or you may contact us directly by phone or email us from our contact us page. Please provide your referral’s telephone number, email, and mailing address, so that we can send them a welcome package.

Your faith in our services is appreciated and rewarded!

Corporate Incentive Program

Inspire, motivate, and reward! Our corporate incentive program offers your organization a unique and compelling way to show your employees you care.

Whether you would like us to prepare a one time special package, or you wish to reward their loyalty on an ongoing basis, we will work with you to customize the perfect result.

A well dressed employee is an asset to your bottom line. He brims with self-confidence and conveys a striking impression that will reflect back upon your company’s image. It’s a win-win proposition!

For more details regarding this special program, email us from our contact us page and tell us about your organization.

Club Sahi Rewards Program

Michael Sahi is proud to offer an exclusive rewards program. As you make orders, you accrue points which will then count towards items of your choice of the same fine quality you’re accustomed to enjoying. Just remember, you must enroll in the program to begin accumulating points, and you must redeem your points within 12 months of earning them.

Suit = 50 points earned
Shirt = 10 points earned
Jacket = 15 points earned
Vest/Blouse = 15 points earned
Slacks/Skirt = 15 points earned
Tie or cufflinks = 5 points earned

Enroll via email:
Email us from our contact us page

Redeem Your Points:

Suit – 600 pointsVest/Blouse – 200 points
Shirt – 150 pointsSlacks – 200 points
Jacket – 200 pointsCufflinks – 70 points
Tie – 70 points 

Swatch Requests

You need to dress sharp for an upcoming function, but we were just in your city and you missed our visit. Not to worry. We can still accommodate you with our “Swatch Request Program”. If you have made a past order and your measurements are on file, we will send you books that contain swatches of high quality fabrics to select from.

Familiarize yourself with the look and feel of each fabric, as you relax in the comfort of your home or office. When you reach a decision, simply record the fabric number on the included Order Worksheet (Click the link below for a downloadable version).

When you’re finished, simply mail the books back by any method you see fit. You may include your completed worksheet in the box, or fax it to us at 818-981-7087 for faster results.

If your measurements have changed since we last took them, or if you are a brand new customer, it is advisable that you meet with us personally to be measured or send us your best fitting suit so that we can ensure a great fit when you place your order.

It’s easy to receive a prime selection of fabrics that compliment your taste. All you have to do is use our online order form and specify your preferences – we do the rest!

Find Out What We Can Custom Tailor For You.