Instagram Fashion: Become Your Own Fashionista

Are you sick of wearing the same clothes as everyone else? Do you change your outfits around what’s available rather than what you want? Instagram fashion and other similar social media platforms have made expressing yourself through fashion much tougher to navigate.



It’s frustrating and feels as though you need to be painted into a box that you can never get out of when it comes to choosing your clothes. Sadly, we’ve all been there. Luckily, you don’t have to feel this way. Custom clothes are a way for you to get away from that stigma and find that “new you” look you’ve always dreamed of. 


Start With One Custom Piece


For most, when you think of custom clothes, you have a whole outfit in mind. It doesn’t have to start there. To begin, just think of one color or piece of clothing you’ve always wanted. Grab inspiration from Instagram fashion or other social media platforms, and start thinking about what would make yours different.


Then, you can get started with building that custom piece of clothing. Whether it’s a jacket, pants, a top, or anything in between, they can all be beautifully customized to suit your exact needs. This is an opportunity for you to get really creative and also try something new.


Aspects of Your New Custom Clothing to Keep in Mind


It Doesn’t Have to Be Popular



Unfortunately, the most available clothes are usually what is most popular. This gives you far fewer options to express yourself and really stand out. When shopping online or through social media, these options all get pushed to the top and force you to sort through several pages to find what you’re looking for. With custom clothes, you simply bring your vision to life.






Remember: your material doesn’t have to match the original! If you see a fleece jacket and love the design, but want it in leather, you can make that happen. This is where the piece really can become your own. You no longer have to make exceptions to the clothes you want to wear.



Stitches and Custom Designs


You can throw on any custom designs you like. Whether it’s a family emblem, a name, a business logo, or anything along those lines. Take your time with finding what can add a bit more flair to your new piece. It can even just be a different color stitch line or adding unique buttons to a jacket. 


Perfect Fit


You’ll never worry about fit or settle for anything less again. Fit can make or break a piece of clothing for you, and you cannot appreciate the piece fully if you aren’t comfortable in it.


Built to Last


While custom clothes are made to fit perfectly and to your exact specifications, they also last. You won’t have to worry about replacing a custom piece any time soon. 


Call Today for Custom Clothing Questions!


Call us today so we can learn what you want out of your new custom piece. Then, we can give you a plan on how we’re going to create it with you, and start working to make your dream become a reality. We’re looking forward to working with you!


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