Men’s Fashion: Expand Your Color Palette!

Men’s fashion is easy to get stagnant in. You want to look stylish, but most aren’t willing to venture too far from the customs expected. Expanding your color palette is a simple way to exercise a bit of more advanced fashion sense while still staying true to your normal style. Here are some tips to get more colorful clothing in your wardrobe today.


What are my favorite men’s fashion styles?


When visiting generic retail stores, it’s hard to find clothes you fall in love with that are too outside of the box. Usually, you find a couple of pieces of clothing that are interesting but end up sticking with what you know instead. This creates repetition and destroys your sense of adventure with new clothes. 


Don’t fall victim to repetition


If every piece of clothing was available in every color, what would you wear? When being adventurous and trying new clothing, your favorite styles today shouldn’t decide how you craft your new color palette. Take time to assess what clothing you’ve seen that you really love and want to give a try. Then, you can jump out of that repetition of getting new clothes and set yourself apart with custom clothing. 


Custom clothing versatility


Fortunately, there’s a ton of versatility with custom clothes that can adjust to these colors and make them work, when they wouldn’t as “off-the-rack” clothing. You may have never even considered jackets, button-ups, ties, and other pieces of clothing in the colors that custom clothes can provide you. Your custom fitting adds comfortability, creates newfound confidence, and expands the flavors of your fashion sense. 


Custom clothing inspiration


If you are looking for inspiration on how you can best customize your clothes, take a look at all your favorite clothes today. What sets them apart? Why are they your favorites? Once you find some commonalities, you’re set to start thinking outside the box and finding new looks for yourself. Then, compare these new ideas to men’s fashion today and find that perfect middle ground to design your brand new custom clothes with our designers.


Additionally, we will provide plenty of examples when we have our custom clothing consultation. We’ll meet you, get the exact look you’re going for, and make it a reality. In our custom clothing service, we can do everything from a full outfit to simply a custom shirt on its own. Call us today to make your appointment and get started on expanding your wardrobe’s color palette!


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