Valentine’s Day: The Perfect Time for a Custom Suit

Valentine’s Day dates are far from “one size fits all” experiences.  Whether you’re heading out for a romantic meal with your long-term partner, hoping to wow a new romance at a concert, or planning to propose— a Valentine’s Day suit or tuxedo should be on your V-Day to-do list. Michael’s Custom Clothing has all of the materials to make you look your best on February 14th, with a multitude of suit materials to select from and countless accessories to help make it your own. (Or on the flip side, if you have a special someone in your life that you know appreciates the finer things in life, a custom suit is the perfect gift that says “I love you.”)

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of men dress up for a special Valentine’s Day date, and we’re here to showcase some of the standout suits. Our favorite picks for Valentine’s Day apparel for men are listed below in various creative examples.

Who you are: A tech whiz, a startup partner, and a craft beer enthusiast.

Your Valentine’s date: A 10-course tasting menu at a fresh and  innovative molecular-gastronomy restaurant.

Your outfit: Sure, your workplace has a more relaxed vibe than the average company, but now is the opportunity to show your partner a different side of your style. Sporting a Valentine’s Day suit is beyond “suitable” for a tasting-menu date. Consider an indigo suit without a tie and a patterned shirt—maybe gingham. You’ll be as attractive as the beautifully prepared dishes you’ll be sampling all night.



Who you are: A charismatic guy with a big grin and an even bigger presence.

Your Valentine’s date:  An evening at the opera, followed by a gourmet dessert out in the city.

Your outfit: A sleek tuxedo is your best bet when going to the opera or a Broadway show— and especially on Valentine’s Day. A light grey tuxedo is a sophisticated choice for the occasion—not as flashy as a black one, but it still exudes class and respects the importance of the occasion. You can even coordinate your bow tie or pocket square with the colors your lovely date is wearing.

Who you are: A globetrotter, whiskey connoisseur, and borderline bibliophile.

Your Valentine’s date: A foreign film noir, hors d’oeuvres, and champagne at a secret cinema and club.

Your outfit: Ooh, there you have it. Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to go for an ultra-romantic aesthetic. An evening of French film and bubbles necessitates a classic black, red, and white color scheme. What about a notch lapel black suit with a deep red lapel rose and pocket square? You can explore different vest colors—gray or black would both look great here.

Who you are: An edgy, tattooed food and drink aficionado with a heart of gold.

Your Valentine’s date: Dine at the chef’s table at your best friend’s tough-to-reserve-at restaurant.

Your outfit: Arrive in style at the restaurant donning dark pants, a button-down shirt, and a vest. Put on a pair of boots, roll up your blazer and shirt sleeves to showcase your tats, and you’re ready to go.

Whatever you decide to do on February 14th, Michael’s Custom Clothing has all of your Valentine’s Day suit needs covered. Customize your unique look online now and have it shipped right to your door—looking great has never been so simple.




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