Should I Buy My Suit Online Or In-Shop?

In the same way that there are no one-size-fits-all options for your average suit, the same goes for this question: Do I buy my suit online or in-store? Well, we’re all unique individuals with our own needs and preferences when it comes to how we want our suit to look and what we want in a shopping experience. 

Making the decision as to whether to buy a suit online or in-store comes down to a few key questions:

1. Is there a deadline by which you need your suit?

If you have more than a month or two to spare, and you’re not a huge fan of face-to-face interactions, then we recommend that you go for that online purchase. This way, if you need anything altered after you receive your suit in the mail, you’ll have more than enough time to visit a tailor.

If you’re more of a last-minute shopper or find yourself in sudden need of a brand-new suit, then you’re definitely going to need to visit the local suit shop or department store of your choice (and pray to whatever deity you worship that you’ll find something in your size that doesn’t require too many alterations). 

2. Are you looking for a specific cut, style, color, and/or pattern for your suit?

If you consider yourself somewhat of a fashion icon and have a very specific vision of how you want to look in your new suit, then we recommend browsing through the thousands of nearly unlimited selections online. There are many websites out there that are dedicated to crafting the perfect custom suit for you that can probably make your dream suit come to life. This is an especially handy option if you’re familiar with your own measurements or have no problem taking your own measurements before placing your order online.

If you consider yourself a simple person with straightforward taste and aren’t too difficult to please, then maybe it’s best that you opt for an in-store suit-buying experience. You can leave the selection up to the expert sales associate who’ll answer all your questions about fit and material, and who’ll take your measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit. 

3. What’s your budget?

This may or may not be most individuals’ least favorite part of deciding where to buy their suit, (especially if you’re a person who enjoys the finer things in life). After all, there are few things out there that represent the finer things in life more than a well-tailored, well-fitting suit.

If your budget is virtually nonexistent, then congratulations! You’ve definitely hit the jackpot as far as this question goes, and you can shop anywhere you’d like for your suit—online or in-store. You have the option of dropping up to thousands of dollars on the high-end designer brands.

If you’re looking for more mid-tier or budget-friendly options, you still have plenty of opportunities to buy yourself a beautiful suit. It might not necessarily be an Italian designer suit, but hey— there are plenty of amazing options out there, online and in-store. 



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