What Is the Best Suit Style for Women?

When it comes to the women’s fashion industry, the suit is making bigger waves than ever. 


A woman in a flattering suit shows that she is business-savvy, fashion-conscious, and impeccably dressed— whether it’s for work or other occasions.


At least, as long as it’s done well. 


From high-waisted or cropped slacks to an oversized blazer, it’s essential to choose the right style and shape to flatter your figure while also making you feel fantastic and comfortable.


How To Choose the Best Women’s Suit Style for Your Personal Taste


It’s all about the fit when it comes to suits.


Everything needs to seem planned and chic, whether it’s beautifully fitted to your specific figure or large in a fashion-forward, purposeful way.


An ill-fitting suit will not only make you feel inferior to the women around you who are dressed to kill— lowering your confidence— but it will also detract from your professional ability and talent in the office.


There are numerous suit types to choose from, and you should consider your figure while deciding which forms are perfect for you.


Hourglass Figures


This is a classic shape in which a woman’s bust and hips are about similar in size and the waist is relatively smaller.


Women with this body shape look terrific with suits that emphasize their figure, such as high-waisted pants with blazer jackets that have complementing waist belts.


Suits with wrap-style coats look well on this body as well.


“Straight” Figures


There is less of a waist in this design, and the bust, waist, and hips are all roughly aligned.


For this style, it’s essential not to draw attention to the lack of a waist, thus suits with longer-line jackets worn open look wonderful.


This body shape looks good with both high and low-rise pants, so it’s all about finding the right jacket.


Apple-Shaped Figures


Apple forms include larger shoulders and busts, a less apparent waist, and narrower hips.


Choose blazer jackets that cut at the hips to conclude at your most appealing point or even longer-line duster jackets in this case.


Avoid double-breasted jackets, which have a tendency of making this body type appear bustier.


Statement lapels move the eye away from the shoulders and onto a V shape at the front, which is very flattering on an apple shape.


Pear-Shaped Figures


Pear-shaped body types have tiny shoulders and busts, sometimes with a smaller waist, but larger hips and derrieres.


This figure looks great in a cropped jacket.


Look for suits with boxy, shorter blazer jackets and high-waisted, wide-leg suit trousers.



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